Preventive Connected health.

Starting your day with self-assessment is your key to
being mindful for self-care, after all the greatest
of wealth is your health.

Preventive connected health by OneHealth app sums up your aspirations for a client-centric healthcare

Prevent and remain COVID-19 free by using a smart and systematic check of symptoms and risk of exposure. Experience connected health by OneHealth.

Together, WE BEAT COVID 19!

Starting your day with COVID 19 self-assessment is your key to keep you, your family and workplace free from the disease. Member-subscribers with possible signs of any infection can access an online symptom checker as initial screening. Depending on the result, they may be receive self-home care advice, a phone consultation, a video-visit appointment with their doctor, or a referral to urgent care.

In addition, the app also has a personal health monitoring to help the doctor assess patients' conditions, most especially those with severe respiratory symptoms. This allows healthcare professionals engage member-subscribers who have COVID-19 symptoms without being exposed to risks of face-to-face visit.

Keeping up with the NEW NORMAL.

Be equipped with OneHealth app. Book a hassle-free appointment

The COVID-19 global pandemic has changed the way we live, work and play. Most of us rely on technology for our medical appointments more than ever. Worry no more! OneHealth App connects you to your healthcare providers AND saves you the hassle of travel and may be more convenient for certain types of health-medical interactions.

What is OneHealth app?

OneHealth App breathes life to integrated-mobile healthcare, a tool for you to access medical care through telehealth. Telehealth is a general term for using technology to provide health care at a geographical distance. The main telehealth tool used by OneHealth is the video visit and personal health monitoring which allows you to talk with your healthcare

Total healthcare begins with self-care.

OneHealth App empowers the person to be truly participating in one’s personal care. Should you need one, we connect you to accredited healthcare professionals, providing virtual care for a wide range of health, wellness and medical issues. Our providers see clients online for primary care, follow-up visits, medication monitoring, and other conditions.

How do I start using the OneHealth App?

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